The Best Black Friday Deals For Niche Site Owners (I Use ALL These)

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Written By Jamie I.F.
Founder of, and here to give you the info you need to either start your making money online journey, grow and improve your niche sites, and build the most meaningful and fulfilling life for you.

It’s that time of the year again. Black Friday means everything’s on a fire sale, and you’ll never get better deals on some of the most important courses, tools and software for gaining the upper hand over your competitors in the SERPs.

I know there are a lot of Black Friday pages of deals around. Mine is different – I’m only interested in listing deals to products I actively use, and would promote for free. (Yes, these are affiliate links – but if they didn’t have an affiliate program, I’d promote anyway.)

I’ve split this article into:

  • SEO Software
  • Courses
  • Miscellaneous

Black Friday Niche Site Courses – 2022 Deals

1. Fat Stacks Course – huge free content bonus

I’ve purchased the Fat Stacks Bundle and gained huge amounts of knowledge from it. It covers everything: from picking niches, to finding keywords, to structuring every type of article (with SOPs and templates), as well as outsourcing and building a team.

Until Nov 28th, if you purchase Jon Dykstra’s Niche Site Profits course bundle, you get access to $500 in FREE content from 4 different content providers, so you can see how good they are and find the best place to outsource and grow your site moving forward.

This includes:

  • $100 of content from ContentRefined
  • $100 of content from ContentPit
  • $200 in credits from WriterAccess (where Jon outsources most of his content)
  • $200 in credits from

The course costs $497, but it worth far more just in the knowledge you’ll gain – the $500 in free content is just a bonus! In my opinion, it’s a no-brainer.

2. ALL TheWebsiteFlip Courses 40% off

Direct links to each course are here:

I gained a lot from Mushfiq’s EasyWins course when I bought it around a year ago. It’s an Airtable database filled with dozens of quick wins you may not be actively implementing on your niche sites that will almost certainly gain you a 30-50% lift if all are applied.

There are tips for earning more affiliate commissions, getting links, and establishing yourself as an expert on your site – even as an experienced site owner, I wasn’t doing a few of these.

Then there are the courses on website flipping, and aged domains. If you’re going to listen to one person on website flipping, listen to Mushfiq – he’s done this longer than anyone else, and has a stronger track record. And if you’re on the fence about what aged domains can do for your future site projects, this is a great option too.

Black Friday SEO Software & Tools Deals 2022

SurferSEO – 10-30% off

We use Surfer a LOT to improve content, sharpen new content, and to generally do audits on things like internal links and certain NLP usage.

We pay $99/month and get great value out of it — and in fact, there’s a new keyword research tool which I’ve just started trying out that might be a huge extra value to our sites. It basically automatically clusters a topic into groups of keywords, which gives you a birds-eye view of the main content in a niche to look more into.

Mainly though, Surfer is for writing and optimising content based on the phrases and NLP queries your high-ranking competitors use. It’s a great way to sharpen your article’s perceived relevance — remember, google can’t read like a human can — and it can also point you to any sections you should add to the article to beef it up.

The audit is also great for analysing weak spots on your already high-ranking content to squeeze any extras out, and you can add your team members to Surfer and have them write in it (or have the Surfer sidebar as they write in Google Docs) for no extra cost to generally improve content your team produces.

It’s 10% off for monthly plans for both new and existing users, and with the annual payment discount (we opted for this to save money), you get around 30% off in total!

Lowfruits – 40% off pay-as-you-go credits

Some people think Lowfruits is a cheap alternative to major tools like Semrush and Ahrefs, but I think that’s wrong. We use Ahrefs and Semrush, but we also use Lowfruits too – it augments and complements the broad keyword research Ahrefs/Semrush do.

I use Lowfruits to find long-tail, low-traffic keywords that I can mostly add to existing articles, and article briefs that I’ve got the main areas down already. It adds that little extra to what I’m doing, and can come up with questions on the topic that I hadn’t found prior.

The main advantage of Lowfruits is you don’t pay monthly – so you’re in control of your spend. You pay with credits (keywords you analyse), and so you only spend as much as you’re willing to.

Even better news – it’s 40% off until the 30th November. I’d advise you stock up now.

Semrush – 40% off Semrush Guru

Semrush is great, and we use it along with Ahrefs. If you’re interested in upgrading to Guru tier – you get 40% off (saving over $600 with a 3 or 6 month plan).

Beyond standard features, Guru gets you access to 500 extra tracked keywords, the Content Marketing Toolkit, Data Studio integration, and more. it’s valid until December 4th.

    Miscellaneous other deals

    Odys – 21% off all domains

    As you may know, I’m a big fan of Odys’ aged domain marketplace. I recently bought a really powerful domain for £3000 and I’m looking forward to publishing the site’s growth and earnings.

    Odys are doing a special 21% off deal across their domain marketplace, you just need to use the code BLACK21. That could potentially save you thousands if you’re making a big purchase.

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    Jamie I.F.
    Founder of, and here to give you the info you need to either start your making money online journey, grow and improve your niche sites, and build the most meaningful and fulfilling life for you.

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