Big Announcement: I’m Joining Lasso

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Written By Jamie I.F.
Founder of, and here to give you the info you need to either start your making money online journey, grow and improve your niche sites, and build the most meaningful and fulfilling life for you.

This has been a whirlwind of a few years.

I graduated from uni in mid-2019 when I was 22, and tried to launch a social enterprise project (with the initials I.F.), ran out of money, and tried to therefore strike it rich in SEO so I could go back and make the project a success.

I first earned job-replacement income in March 2020 when I was 23 – the month Covid hit. The following month, Amazon slashed their rates in half, and I was back down.

Covid complicated things a lot: my mum is a physiotherapist, and to help her business survive I was her unpaid receptionist, booking the scant calls that came through while she treated, so she didn’t miss any potential clients. This meant a few months in 2020 where I did basically zero work on my site.

Then in 2021, I got talking to a technical founder, and joined that — alongside my niche sites. It’s an EdTech computer science interactive app — similar-ish to Codecademy, but more focused on learning to be a backend dev, and more directly focused on getting you a job.

As co-founder and CMO, it was my job to grow this fledgling SaaS (I won’t name it now, but some of you have probably heard of it – it’s much bigger now).

And I largely failed.

MRR increased somewhat, but most of the shots I took missed because I didn’t understand our target audience well enough. Deep down I was a marketer, SEO, and digital salesman – not a dev. I couldn’t understand their problems as well as I needed to, and so I couldn’t perfectly optimise how we presented our offering.

So I left, with a red mark & a failure on my record.

From 2022 I’ve been full-time on my sites. No distractions.

And with more of my time and dedication, I had my best ever year by far, and I’m ecstatic with the results — thank you to the team and everyone who has contributed.

Now I know how little I know, I’ve had cases of impostor syndrome, even as my sites earned $30K+ per month. In mid-2022 I saw there was a community on Twitter, but I doubted I had anything to say that anyone had any interest in.

In the months since, I’ve messaged with, spoken to, and met in person so many great people that I’d never have connected with if not for Twitter. I’m very grateful to speak with so many like-minded SEOs, niche site builders, and affiliate marketers.

I’m even more happy to see people enjoy my tweets on affiliate marketing, especially replies from people saying my tips and frameworks have doubled their conversion rate, or improved their rankings!

This brings me more joy than anything else — and it’s made me realise that I could perhaps have more impact on you all and your affiliate marketing adventures through other means…

So, just as my best ever year as a niche site SEO ends, I’m happily reopening the door to distraction.

I love niche sites. I love SEO. I love affiliate marketing. Mostly, I LOVE people and the human brain and all its intricacies and unpredictabilities — and I love trying to understand how to solve their problems to help them succeed.

And I’ll still be doing that — just instead of only converting my own traffic into cash, I’ll be helping ALL OF YOU make the most money from your niche sites and affiliate marketing.

I’ve agreed to join Lasso as Head of Marketing — and help change the lives of thousands of publishers worldwide by saving them time managing their affiliate links, getting them info on their links (such as which are out of stock, etc), and obviously, the beautiful displays.

Some people who I’ve told privately are surprised I’d jump ship from niche sites, especially when I’m earning as much as I make right now…

And I’m not completely jumping ship — I’ll still spend some time on my projects — but I hope you all understand how impressive the overarching Lasso mission is, how impactful it will be for you personally and your sites (SO much stuff is coming to help you all!), and therefore how excited I am to join the team.

There are so many great tools and features to launch that will make more money with your niche sites, even with the same amount of traffic, that I’m convinced Lasso is a great fit for a great majority of websites today.

If you doubt me, DM me on Twitter and I’ll get you integrated and show you. You’ll make more money with Lasso – and grow your web asset value as a result.

It’s not just displays, tables and out of stock notifications, though. Lasso has tools coming that will give you enormous access to the data you don’t currently have.

You’ll be able to make better data-driven decisions, 10x faster and 20x more profitably — believe me, you’re blind now, but Lasso will help you see. You really don’t realise what you don’t know until the data illuminates it for you.

So, I’m stoked to be involved, to use the affiliate marketing skillset I’ve honed more broadly, and to take on a wider marketing role.

I failed last time as a CMO because I wasn’t a dev and didn’t fully know how they thought. But understanding affiliate marketers and web publishers? 😉

I’m eager to crush it and deliver for you reading this so you can increase your site earnings with Lasso! Again, if you want to try Lasso out then do sign up, or if you have any questions then just DM me. There’s also a pretty lucrative affiliate program in case you’re an existing happy customer and want to promote 😉.


Jamie 🤘🤘

Photo of author
Jamie I.F.
Founder of, and here to give you the info you need to either start your making money online journey, grow and improve your niche sites, and build the most meaningful and fulfilling life for you.

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