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Hey, I’m Jamie!

I’ve built big affiliate websites, scaled SaaS startups, and ranked for some of the toughest affiliate and e-commerce keywords online. Now I share what I’m learning in the world of digital entrepreneurship to 8,500 people every month, to help you reach new heights.

  • Over $1 million in profit from SEO and affiliate marketing since 2020
  • Investor and equity owner in several fast-growing SaaS startups
  • Ex-marketing lead at Lasso, growing tens of thousands of MRR within a year
  • Investor in the UK’s fastest growing personal finance content website, Up The Gains
  • Co-founder of QuizWizard, an AI quiz generator SaaS
  • 6 figures in profit from selling on Etsy with a side project experiment digital business
  • Owner of more than a dozen content websites, e-commerce and digital product stores
  • Spoken at several major conferences, including FinCon, Affiliate Gathering, SEOXcusive, and Charles Floate’s SEO Stream event
  • Co-founder of Boot.dev, leaving in 2022. Now at $291,000 MRR
  • Creator of several frameworks used by thousands of affiliate marketers and copywriters; SPEAR framework for intros, the Movie Casting method for affiliate copywriting and segmentation, micro intent, Dynamic Spec Relativity, and the Surface Area Method of affiliate products

Some of my current projects


Turn your articles, videos, PDFs or G Docs into interactive quizzes in 1 click using AI, and then seamlessly embed them on your website.

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Skyrocket your affiliate conversions using Spearwriter, trained on Jamie I.F.’s SPEAR framework for maximizing conversions in your affiliate content.

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Conversion Collective

A private, premium community for digital entrepreneurs looking to scale their business and discuss ideas to reach new heights

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